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When Is a Good Age to Bring Your Child to the Dentist?

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About 7 out of 10 Canadians will develop gum disease in their lifetime, according to the Canadian Dental Association, so it's no wonder you're considering taking your child to the dentist.

Bringing your child(ren) to the dentist could be daunting, but it's an important step to take.

Read on to learn more about when your child should have their first dental visit and why it's important.

Benefits of Taking Your Child to the Dentist

Choosing a children's dentist is a big step in your little one's future, which is why you should know what to expect. Oral health can affect your overall health, so it's important to teach your kids good habits early on.

Taking your child to the dentist will benefit them in more than one way. For one, if you start at the recommended age, children are less likely to fear the dentist later on.

Also, taking your child to the dentist will help identify any common dental issues and can prevent any from forming later on. Preventative care is important to learn at an early age.

When you model good health practices, your children are likely to carry those habits with them into adulthood.

When Should Your Child First Visit the Dentist?

Plan to make an appointment for your child's first visit after their first tooth appears. You don't have to make an appointment right away, but make sure it happens before six months have passed.

If your child's first tooth takes its time to come in, make an appointment at the end of their first year.

If your child is seeing the dentist for the first time at an older age, prepare them beforehand and let them know what to expect.

It's important to pay attention during your child's first visit as it will give you an idea of what to expect during later visits.

What Happens During a First Visit?

Your child's first dental visit will be mostly about getting your child comfortable around their dentist. The dentist may examine their gums, jaw, and oral tissue and check for growth and development issues.

When your child is older, they will get to experience a routine full dental cleaning and lessons from the dentist about flossing and other proper dental hygiene care.

As your child grows, regular visits to the dentist will help them learn and understand more about improving their dental health. Gradually, they'll become more knowledgeable and develop good habits to maintain their oral health.

Contact a Children's Dentist Today

Now you know when to bring your child to a children's dentist and all about what to expect during your visit. It's important to recognize that oral health is connected with overall health. Establishing these routines early on will set a good foundation for their well-being in the future.

At Northland Village Dental Centre, we believe in treating you and your family like our own. We pride ourselves on our transparency and inclusivity for your child's dental health, especially the first visit!

If you're thinking of scheduling a dental appointment for your child soon, reach out to us.


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