Get the Right Services for You at Our Dental Clinic in Calgary

Northland Village Dental Centre, a dependable dental clinic in Calgary, is dedicated to providing optimal care to every patient. We believe in treating you and your family like our own. That’s why your smile and oral health is essential to us. Our highly-skilled team is continuously and passionately involved in delivering quality dental treatment that promotes overall wellness. At our dental clinic, the dentists are dedicated to giving quality personalized dental care that you can trust. We appreciate your input and will work with you towards obtaining and maintaining your long-term dental health.

Our approach to dentistry is transparent and inclusive. After an initial assessment, we present you with a variety of dental care options to choose from. Our ultimate goal for us is to ensure you receive suitable and safe treatment, in a comfortable and caring environment.

What Sets Our Dental Clinic Apart?

Are you in search of a friendly dental clinic in Calgary? Then you will love our warm and intimate facility. As we realize that dental anxiety is common, we have designed our spaces to make you feel at home when you come to see our dentists. From the moment you walk in through the door, you can sense the comfortable atmosphere where you can relax while you wait for your turn. Even in the dentist’s chair, you can enjoy a positive experience because our dentists take it on themselves to put you at ease while they carry on with their duties.

While visiting Northland Village Dental Centre, you can leave your dental anxiety behind and focus on attaining healthy teeth and gums.

We Care About Your Dental Problems

Regular dental check-up is important as it helps maintain oral health and ensures the timely detection of any dental issues. Our dentists have hands-on experience with dental procedures spanning general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Still, we always prioritize damage prevention and recommend regular dental appointments and appropriate preventative procedures.

With thorough assessments, dental cleaning from time to time, and preventative care, you can always be one step ahead of dental issues like dental decay or cavities. As a result, you might never have to opt for oral surgeries!

Our Dental Clinic in Calgary

At Northland Village Dental Centre, we believe in:

Excellence in service

Integrity in practice

Respect for every patient

Focus on comprehensive, preventative dental care

Evidence-based treatment

Efficient emergency care

Dental health is your wealth. We are the right people to take care of you. We are always accepting new patients, and we serve people of all age groups. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Easy Referrals and Registrations for New Patients

Our dental clinic looks forward to serving new patients. You can trust us for professional referrals too. While referring a patient to our clinic, you have the assurance of confidentiality. If you want to register as a new patient with us, you can do so through our hassle-free patient registration forms. At the clinic, you will meet our friendly and easy-going staff who will make you feel welcome and address all your consultation-related queries.


It is always a privilege to provide seamless services to old and new patients. You can know all about our appointments and cancellation policies and more, through the patient resources that are available on our website.

Convenient Payments and Claim Filing

At Northland Village Dental Centre, one of our goals is to provide you with as much convenience as possible. Hence, we have two alternative modes of payment - one where you pay us and we submit the dental claim on your behalf, and the other where you use direct billing. When you trust us for dental treatments, you will not have to worry about bills and insurance claims. We will sort it out according to your preference. You can read more about our Calgary-based dental clinic’s financial policies.

Patient Education and Communication

Here at our dental clinic, we believe in arming our patients with the education they need to make informed decisions about their dental health. As advocates for preventative care, our Calgary dentists make it easy so you can stay on top of your dental health.


We empower you to take control of your dental health by educating you on the importance of hygiene and working with you to develop an effective home-care routine to help improve or maintain your dental hygiene. The team at our dental clinic takes the time to make sure that you are comfortable with every course of treatment by providing a detailed explanation of the procedure and are available for help beyond your appointment.

Reliable Dental Clinic in Calgary

Our dental clinic in Calgary provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all members of the family.