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Many people feel self-conscious about their missing or damaged teeth but aren't sure about their choices. Fortunately, modern dentistry provides many options. At Northland Village Dental Centre in Calgary, we offer quality dental crowns and tooth bridges in Calgary. With our natural-looking dental prosthetics, you can disguise the gaps caused by missing teeth and prevent dental damage from affecting adjacent teeth. Our dental bridges solve functional issues by letting you chew, eat normally and speak without inhibition.

Do not hesitate to see our dentists if you are facing issues that can be solved with our dental bridges in Calgary. Request an appointment today for solutions to improve your dental health.

The Procedure of Getting a Tooth Bridge

The procedure for getting your dental bridges is simple and easy. When you visit us for your dental bridges in Calgary, you can expect the following

  • Your initial appointment involves a general dental assessment so that our dentists can determine the best course of action for your dental condition.

  • If you are to get a dental bridge, the teeth on either side of a missing tooth are reduced in size to make space for the bridge to fit in properly.

  • We place dental implants surgically if you don't have healthy teeth or enough teeth to support a bridge. A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium metal inserted into the jawbone as a replacement to the root of the natural tooth. The implant acts as an anchor to hold the bridge in place.

  • After, we take an impression of your teeth to create a mouth mold. We use this mold to create a custom tooth bridge. While manufacturing your tooth bridge, you will be provided with a temporary bridge in the meantime.

  • We remove the temporary bridge at your next appointment and replace it with the new, permanent one. We will also make any necessary final adjustments to ensure the dental bridge fits.


If you'd like to learn more about our tooth bridges in Calgary, please reach out to us. You can know more in our patient information section.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are different types of dental bridges and our dentists can consult the most appropriate dental bridge based on your dental conditions.

Traditional dental bridge: They are used when there are natural teeth on each side of the gap where you have a missing tooth (or teeth).

Implant supported dental bridge: They are used when you don’t have healthy teeth or enough teeth to support the dental bridge. A custom-made bridge is also anchored to dental implants.

Resin-bonded dental bridge: They are also known as ‘Maryland’ bridges and are used when your missing teeth are on the front. Artificial teeth are fused together with metal bands and are cemented to the back of your natural teeth. Artificial teeth are new 3D printing technology with full durable Zirconia material or full porcelain and cemented into your natural teeth.

Cantilever dental bridge: They are used when you have healthy teeth on only one side of your missing tooth or teeth. This involves anchoring your artificial tooth over one or more natural adjacent teeth.


Dental Bridges in Calgary | Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are prosthetic accessories customized to fill the gap created due to one or more missing teeth. The absence of teeth can have an adverse impact on the remaining teeth and affect overall oral health. A dental bridge includes crowns for adjoining natural teeth and implants for the missing teeth. The natural teeth act like abutments and through the crown, they help anchor the implant to span the gap created by the missing teeth. With dental bridges, it is possible to overcome issues associated with missing teeth and attain better dental and oral health. It also serves aesthetic considerations.

We can customize your dental bridges from a variety of materials. Dental bridges can also be customized from a variety of materials. With our team of dentists, you can be sure about getting reliable dental bridges in Calgary.


What Determines the Cost of a Dental Bridge?

The costs of dental bridges vary depending on the following factors:

  • The type of dental bridge you select
  • The material of the bridge
  • The number of gaps that are to be filled
  • The complexity of bridge placement and supporting treatments


How Long Will Dental Bridges Last?

Dental bridges are fairly durable and can last up to 10 years or more with appropriate care. Since dental bridges allow normal oral hygiene steps like brushing and flossing, they are easy to maintain. Besides, our dentists will also brief you about the proper cleaning process for you, depending on the type of dental bridge you have. Professional dental cleaning from time to time can also elongate the life of dental bridges and crowns.



How Many Visits Will I Require?

The dental bridge installation process can typically require three visits, including:

  • 1st visit: This visit typically includes the following:

              - Initial consultation

              - A complete inspection of your oral health

              - Dental x-ray to inspect bone and dental health

              - Drafting of a treatment plan

  • 2nd visit: This visit includes several steps such as:

              - Recontouring and shaving of teeth

              - Creation of an impression of the teeth

              - Selection of colour for the bridge

              - Impression of teeth sent to the lab   

              - Design and placement of a temporary tooth bridge

  • 3rd visit:

              - Removal of the temporary bridge

              - Placement of the permanent dental bridge



How Do I Look After Getting My Dental Bridges?

One of the added benefits of dental bridges is that they do not require special care. You can continue with your regular brushing and flossing routine to maintain your dental bridges.


The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges come with many benefits, including:

  • Improved chewing: Loose or shifting teeth can interfere with chewing, making it hard to eat. For that reason, dental bridges restore healthy chewing.
  • Improved facial shape: Your jawbone can begin deteriorating when you lose your teeth, changing your facial shape. Dental bridges can help halt this process, preventing facial collapse.
  • Fix shifting teeth: Missing teeth or gaps between your teeth cause your remaining teeth to shift. Dental bridges can help fill that space and fix issues caused by shifting teeth.
  • Improved appearance: Dental bridges closely replicate the look of your natural teeth and restore your smile.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of our tooth bridges in Calgary, we invite you to speak to us.



Ideal Candidate for Dental Bridges

While dental bridges are a remedy to missing teeth, the installation process does require overall good dental health. Ideal candidates generally have missing adjacent teeth and have sufficient healthy jawbone. If you're suffering from gum disease or tooth decay, we recommend addressing it before the procedure. We also advise our patients to adopt healthy dental hygiene habits, including proper diet or quitting smoking.



Caring for Your Dental Bridges

The effectiveness of dental bridges depends on the health of the existing teeth. For this reason, those with dental bridges must take care of both their dental bridges and natural teeth. In order to prevent gums disease and other dental issues, it is recommended that you:

  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Schedule professional dental cleanings
  • Eat a balanced diet with a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables
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