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3 Benefits of Dental Bridges

3D Dental Bridges

In much the same way architectural bridges ‘bridge’ the gap between two pieces of land, a dental bridge bridges the gap between two teeth.  


Dental bridges are also known as fixed bridges and are a type of dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. The bridge will typically be made of an artificial tooth that is fused between two crowns. The two crowns fit over the natural teeth on either side of the gap, which holds the bridge in place. Bridges can also be held in place by dental implants.  

A bridge is permanent and cannot be removed.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges provide several benefits, which is why they are so frequently used in dental work. These benefits include:  


Prevents Your Remaining Teeth from Shifting  

Under normal circumstances, a gap in your jaw can cause your teeth to gradually shift position and spread out. This causes problems in your bite and results in more wear and tear on your remaining teeth, among other things.  


In contrast, when a bridge is used to replace any missing teeth, it helps to secure the teeth on either side of the gap, reducing the risk of movement and any consequent problems with the bite.  


Bridges can also reduce the risk of bone loss in the jaw, which helps you maintain your facial structure.  


Improved Aesthetics  

A dental bridge can improve the aesthetics of your teeth when you’ve lost your original teeth. This is especially true if the bridge is closely matched in colour to your surrounding teeth.  


Dental bridges help patients who feel self-conscious about missing teeth regain their self-esteem and confidence. 


Increased Chewing Ability 

Losing your teeth can make chewing and speaking more difficult. You might become more self-conscious about eating in public.  


When you have a dental bridge put in place to help fill the space, you can restore the full function of your teeth, allowing you to smile and eat with confidence again.  


Contact Northland Village Dental Centre 

At Northland Village Dental Centre in NW Calgary, we offer comprehensive dental services which include dental bridges. Our years of experience and compassionate staff allow us to provide a personalized approach to your dental health. To learn more about how they can help you and whether or not you are a candidate, please give us a call and book a consultation.  




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