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Enhance Your Smile with Zoom Teeth Whitening in Calgary


The condition of your teeth can make or break your confidence. Having healthy, clean, and white teeth can improve your social interactions and improve the quality of your life. At Northland Village Dental Centre, we provide various services, including Zoom teeth whitening in Calgary. Teeth whitening has never been easier and more effective! Our team strives to provide you with a beautiful white smile to last you a long time. Our Zoom teeth whitening treatment is a straightforward procedure that usually requires just one sitting.

Whether you choose our at-home bleaching trays or in-office Zoom whitening, we will make the process as convenient as possible. Our mission is to deliver reliable services to Calgary residents at all times.


Are your teeth discolored or stained? At Northland Village Dental Centre, we offer Zoom whitening in Calgary to assist our patients in enhancing their smile. We also provide convenient home tray bleaching kits. Zoom whitening is an in-office bleaching process that can reduce discoloration by brightening your teeth. Certain medicines, excessive fluoride, aging, dental damage, sweet and colorful foods as well as bad oral hygiene contribute towards teeth staining. We can remove the stains and debris associated with diet and aging easily with Zoom whitening.

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What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening is an innovative bleaching procedure that is entirely non-invasive to lighten your enamel and dentin. The process itself is very straightforward. We will cover your lips and gums and leave your teeth exposed for treatment. Then, our dentists will apply Zoom's hydrogen peroxide whitening gel over your teeth and use the Zoom light. The treatment lasts about an hour.


For us, your overall dental health is just as important as the color of your teeth. For that reason, we will conduct a thorough initial consultation to determine whether you're a suitable candidate for the procedure. Your lifestyle, dental health and dental choices will be taken into consideration. We will personalize the procedure to incorporate dental concerns.


How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

As we've mentioned in the sections above, the Zoom teeth whitening procedure is uncomplicated, and it allows us to give you whiter teeth in one sitting. The treatment combines a hydrogen peroxide bleaching mixture with a light wavelength. Unlike many over-the-counter whitening products that can take weeks, Zoom bleaching can be done in roughly an hour! This is made possible by Zoom’s Advanced Power Chairside Lamp, which accelerates the bleaching process by activating the Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel. This gel has a pH booster, which means it is completely safe for your teeth.

As the hydrogen peroxide begins to break down, oxygen can enter the teeth’s dentin and enamel to bleach any stained substances. This process leaves the tooth structure unchanged.


If you’re interested in having your teeth whitened, please consult with our dentists to ensure it is right for you. Learn why you should consider teeth whitening.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration


Teeth discoloration is when your teeth change from their natural white color or develop brown or black spots. Understanding the causes of teeth discoloration can help you in deciding on which teeth whitening procedure will be more suitable for you. The common types include:

  • Extrinsic: When something comes in contact with your teeth and causes discoloration. This includes smoking or consumption of teeth-staining foods like coffee.

  • Intrinsic: When something inside your body causes your teeth to become discolored. It can be caused due to trauma, tooth decay, and other factors.

  • Age-related: Your teeth might become discolored as a result of ageing.


The following are some common causes of teeth discoloration:

  • Foods and beverages: The regular consumption of teeth-staining food and drinks such as tea, coffee, apples, potatoes and more will eventually discolor your teeth.

  • Tobacco: The routine use of tobacco is one of the leading causes of teeth discoloration.

  • Aging: As you grow older, the outer enamel of your teeth will wear down and lead to your teeth turn yellow.

  • Improper dental hygiene: When you don't brush and floss your teeth regularly, your teeth will lose their natural color over time.

  • Diseases: Some health conditions that affect the enamel of the teeth can cause them to lose their color.

  • Medications: Various medications, such as tetracycline, doxycycline and antihistamines, can also discolor your teeth.

  • Trauma: Trauma to your teeth, such as that from a blow, can affect the enamel, leading it to become discolored.

  • Genetics: Some people might be prone to their enamel wearing down quicker than others.


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Teeth Whitening in Calgary | FAQs

Would you like to learn more about our Zoom whitening procedure? The following are some commonly asked questions about this cosmetic procedure.


  • Is Zoom Teeth Whitening Safe?

The safety of the procedure is one of the most common concerns with our patients. Yes, zoom teeth whitening is safe and does not damage your enamel.


  • Is Zoom Teeth Whitening Painful?

No, it is not. Our Zoom teeth whitening is non-invasive and will not cause you discomfort. You can even go back to work within an hour after the procedure. Those with tooth sensitivity might experience some minor flaring up, which is why it's essential to keep us in the loop about these types of concerns.


  • How Long Will My Results Last?

As opposed to over-the-counter treatments, Zoom teeth whitening is a more long-lasting solution to the problem of discolored teeth. When you follow a proper dental care routine and control your intake of teeth staining food, you can make your results last up to 24 months.


  • Do I Have Any Dietary Restrictions after the Procedure?

Your teeth might lose a minor amount of moisture during the bleaching process, which makes them absorb it to a higher degree after the procedure. For this reason, we recommend avoiding any beverages or foods that might stain your teeth for up to 48 hours after the process. These include coffee, tea, red wine, soda, red sauces, and tobacco. Dietary restrictions in the first few days can help you get the most out of your results.


  • Is the Zoom Lamp Dangerous?

No, it is not. The special Zoom lamp we use for the procedure does not cause any harm. We make all of our clients wear protective glasses during the process and cover any areas other than their teeth.


  • How Do I Maximize My Teeth Whitening Results?

To maximize the results you get from our teeth whitening in Calgary, we recommend you to:

Maintain a healthy dental routine that includes brushing and flossing, regular dental examinations and cleanings.

Cut back on bad dental habits such as smoking and limit your consumption of teeth-staining foods and beverages.


Do you still have questions? Our team is always available to address them. We invite you to contact us today.

Why Opt For Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure in Calgary?


Are you still on the fence about our Zoom teeth whitening treatment? The following are some reasons why we recommend our patients to undergo the procedure:

  • It is safe: Zoom teeth whitening is a reliable and non-invasive procedure with no negative impacts on your dental and overall health.

  • It is effective: Our Zoom whitening in Calgary will produce more long-lasting results

  • It is reasonably priced: With Zoom teeth whitening, you don't have to burn a hole in your wallet to achieve a radiant smile.

  • It is personalized: Our dentists will customize the procedure to meet your requirements

  • Lastly, a brighter smile will boost your confidence and self-esteem.


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At Northland Village Dental Centre, we are always accepting new patients. If you'd like to schedule an appointment for our teeth whitening in Calgary or any of our other cosmetic, restorative or general procedures, contact us.


If you have any questions, please call us at 403-255-6688 or send an email.

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