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When you need professional attention for a dental emergency, you can count on the emergency dentist at Calgary’s Northland Village Dental Centre to help. You can learn a little more about some of the emergency situations that we treat on this page. If you're ready to get started, contact us now.


Dental Emergency 1: A Tooth Broken Due to Repeated or Large Fillings
After repeated fillings, or if the fillings are especially large, it's possible for a tooth to break. Fillings often require removing portions of a tooth, but this can have the unfortunate consequence of breaking the tooth or causing the filling to fall out.

Dental Emergency 2: Acute Pulpitis Causing a Severe Toothache
The inflammation of a tooth's pulp is also known as acute pulpitis, and it's usually caused by trauma or tooth decay. If a change in air temperature triggers pain, immediate dental care may be necessary.

Dental Emergency 3: Tooth Abscess
A tooth abscess is caused by the infection of the tooth's root, and this can cause intermittent pain. Additional symptoms include gum line swelling, swelling of the patient's face and sometimes even the loosening of the tooth. While medication can help relieve pain temporarily, dental treatment is also required.

Dental Emergency 4: Gum Abscess
In the case of a gum abscess, food has gotten caught between the tooth and the gum, and has caused an infection in the gum. The symptoms of this can include bleeding and swollen gums, and it's important to receive dental treatment quickly.

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