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Most Common Reasons for Tooth Pain

At Northland Village Dental Centre we understand that tooth pain is no picnic. Ranging from a subtle fleeting sting to a raging agony of ouch, no two toothaches are the same. Across the board, Calgary dentists cite tooth pain as one of the leading reasons patients visit dental clinics and yet the diagnosis is different from case to case. If your pearly whites are increasingly sore, only a qualified dentist can make an accurate assessment. However, the cause might well be one of the following:

An abscessed tooth

If you have extreme tooth pain radiating within your mouth, possibly accompanied by a fever, you quite likely have an infected or abscessed tooth. This issue is most frequently cause by dental decay that’s penetrated the tooth at the innermost layer; the root. The preferred treatment in this scenario is a root canal, a procedure we are adept at performing at our Calgary clinic.

A cavity

One of the most common causes for tooth pain is dental decay. Cavities are caused by bacteria that eat away at the sugars left behind on your teeth. These bacteria deposit an acidic residue called plaque that erodes at the structure of the tooth. If you have a cavity, it’s possible that a pain response is triggered after you eat something hot, cold or sweet. You may also note small grooves or holes in the affected tooth. Cavities need to be removed then filled by a dentist to prevent further damage.

Gum diseases

Gingivitis and periodontal disease are often the result when plaque infiltrates the gum line. In some cases, gum infections can be the cause behind tooth pain. If your dental aches are accompanied by gums that bleed after you brush your teeth, chronic bad breath or loose teeth, you may have a gum disease. Treatment will vary depending on how advanced the condition is in your particular case.

A damaged filling

Though generally long-lasting, over time fillings can chip, crack or even fall out. While not necessarily an emergency, any of these scenarios can lead to a toothache. Dental fillings are quite easy to repair but should be attended to as soon as possible by your dentist. Weakened fillings can fall prey to further dental decay and become an abscessed tooth if left untreated. In Calgary, Northland Village Dental Centre can repair damaged fillings quickly at a reasonable cost.


In some people, pain due to infected sinuses can be felt in the teeth. Most affected individuals will also have facial pain, congested nasal passages and phlegm build-up. If you suspect you have sinusitis, it’s best to consult with a doctor.

We Can Help Alleviate Your Tooth Pain

No matter the suspected cause of your tooth pain, it’s best to visit a dentist at our Calgary clinic for an assessment. We can provide you the relief you require to smile again. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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