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Mouthguards - What You Need to Know

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Who doesn’t want strong and beautiful teeth that last a lifetime? Despite tooth enamel being harder than bone, it still needs safety from wear and accidental breakage. This is why wearing mouthguards is essential for individuals who play contact sports, grind their teeth at night or have temporomandibular joint problems. Our dentists recommend mouthguards to such patients. Northland Village Dental Centre is dedicated to providing quality dental care to patients in Calgary. Our dentists will make your overall visiting experience as comfortable as possible. The health of our patients is very important to us.


Selecting a Mouthguard

Always select a mouthguard that is comfortable and durable. It also shouldn’t obstruct your talking or breathing abilities. Although you can buy a cheap mouthguard online or at your drug store, getting a good fit can be a challenge as sizes of these guards are usually limited to small, medium and large. You may also find them bulky and uncomfortable. Therefore, always visit a dentist for a customized mouthguard.


How Dentists Make Mouthguards

Crafting a custom made mouthguard involves two dental appointments. In the first appointment, an impression of your teeth is taken to make a model. The model is then sent to a laboratory where your mouthguard is fabricated. The process could take upto several weeks. Once your mouthguard is fabricated, a second appointment is booked to check if your mouthguard fits you properly. Here, your dentist will file down all rough edges and do all necessary adjustments so your mouthguard fits you properly.


Taking Care of Your Mouthguard

It’s crucial to clean and sanitize your mouthguard as yeast, bacteria, and mould can contaminate it. Clean your mouthguard with a toothbrush after removing it. This helps clean all debris and remove bacteria. It’s also important to soak it in an antimicrobial solution at least once every week or two. Always keep an eye out for any cracks, breaks or fissures that trap bacteria. Also, look for rough edges that could irritate your gum tissue.


Need a Mouthguard?

Our dentists at Northland Village Dental Centre create mouthguards that fit you perfectly. Our staff is well trained to solve your dental concerns.

Call us for customized mouthguards in Calgary.



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