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Understanding the Procedure and Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

root canal

One of the most common procedures performed in general dentistry is root canal therapy. Dentin and enamel are the outer covering of teeth. Underneath them is a chamber with pulp. 

The pulp serves as nourishment to the roots of the teeth as they strengthen over time. When the teeth are fully developed, their purpose is served, but it is still retained in the chamber. However, bacteria can infiltrate a tooth due to a crack or tooth decay and damage the pulp and cause infection, which in turn causes inflammation and pain. This condition is treated by root canal therapy. At Northland Village Dental Centre, we treat patients of all age groups with the utmost care and precision. Our dental services include dental sealants, root canal treatments, dental bridges, Zoom whitening, home tray bleaching and dental implants.


Root canal treatment typically takes about three to four visits to complete. During the first visit, pulp tests are conducted, and X-rays are taken. On the second visit, the dentist shows the results to the patient and presents the approach to treat it. The third visit is when the procedure is carried out. It takes approximately an hour to complete and might include local anesthesia, depending on the patient. The root canal treatment involves extracting the pulp and layers of tissue from the chamber to clean it thoroughly. It is then disinfected further to get rid of any bacteria that might be present. The dentist also adds a new crown to protect the tooth.


Five Benefits of Getting a Root Canal Treatment


Here are a few benefits of getting a root canal treatment done:


1. Prevents infection from spreading

The root cause of toothache and tooth decay is inflammation and infection on the tooth cavity. Root canal therapy helps remove infection-causing bacteria. When the bacteria is eradicated, the infected tooth will be disinfected, and the bacteria won't spread to other teeth.


2. Resembles the colour of your natural teeth

Root canal therapy typically involves a dental filling or a crown, which looks like the colour of your natural tooth. The integrity of your tooth will, therefore, be maintained.


3. Prevent tooth extraction

You won't have to extract the infected tooth if you get root canal therapy done. Thus there'll be no fear of the gap between your teeth. It will restore the infected tooth. Additionally, this process is completely painless due to the fact that it’s done under local anesthesia!


4. Averts the jawbone from disintegrating

If you have missing teeth, it will cause your jawline to degenerate over time. But, if you choose to get the infected tooth disinfected, it will save your tooth and help keep your jawline in shape. The preservation of the tooth is one of the best things about root canal therapy.


5. Better oral health

Poor oral health might lead to various health risks such as respiratory infections and even dementia. Treating your infected teeth and maintaining your oral health will benefit your overall health.

Get in touch with our highly experienced team at Northland Village Dental to know more about root canal treatments today!



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