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Understanding the Cost Structure of Dental Implants

smiling dentist holding dental implant

Are you looking to get dental implants? You are not alone. In fact, dental implant procedures increased by 6.3 percent from 2019 to 2020, and this number is only expected to grow over the years.

Dental implants are a popular choice for those looking to replace missing teeth. This is because they’re a long-term solution that can last for decades and stay functional throughout your life. That said, if you have been trying to find dental implants in Calgary for quite some time, one of the biggest questions on your mind is the price of the procedure. Anyone who's heard anything about dental procedures knows that things can get to be a bit on the pricier side, but you want to know exactly what you're dealing with before you get your new set of pearly whites.

So, how much can you expect dental implants to cost? Read this article to find out!


How Much Will Dental Implants Cost?

The actual cost of a dental implant procedure can vary among patients. It may depend on the type of procedure, the number of implants, and whether the patient has additional procedures at the same time. Patients who receive dental implants may have to pay for the implant but may or may not have to pay for the crown that goes over the top of the implant or the additional procedures performed at the same time. 

The various factors that can affect the overall cost of the dental implant procedure are:

  • Consultation & Examination: As with most health services, there is often a fee charged for consulting with your dentist about the procedure and one to do an examination to find out what's needed to fix the problem.

  • The Type of Procedure: There are two main types of dental implants, and the one that you get could depend on your dental needs, the pricing, or even your preference. 

-       Endosteal implants  are screwed into the jawbone itself and tend to be more invasive and costly, but it is a longer-lasting option. 

-       Subperiosteal implants  are placed under the gum and aligned to the jaw and are better for older patients or those with a weaker jaw structure.

-       Other implants include mini implants, multiple implant sets, and even "same-day implants."

  • The Material Used: The two types of implant materials used are titanium and zirconia. Titanium is the more popular material used by various clients, but zirconia is increasing in popularity due to being able to carve the tooth structure out of the material, reducing procedure times and saving on costs as a result.

Make sure you do further research to learn more about these dental implant options to get implants that fit your needs.


Get Your Dental Implants in NW Calgary

Now that you know what sort of price to expect when getting dental implants in NW Calgary, you can be better prepared for your next trip to the dentist. The next step is choosing the right dental office in NW Calgary to take care of your oral needs.


At Northland Village Dental Centre, we are dedicated to the practice of helping people like you get the healthy teeth and beautiful smile they deserve, one patient at a time. We have years of experience in the industry and cover a broad range of dental services, including dental implants, general cleaning services, inlays & onlays, cavity removal, dental sealants, bridges and crowns, and more. As for the dental implant procedure, we will refer to implant surgeon to finish the implant placement procedure before we start to do the restoration process.


Please feel free to check our services to learn about the many ways we can help you, and don't hesitate to reach out to us when you're ready to book an appointment.



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