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Do All Cavities Need Filling?

woman clutching painful jaw from cavity

Have you just taken a good look at your teeth and realized you have a cavity hiding in your mouth? Cavities are one of the worst dental ailments that you can have, with each one of them causing severe tooth damage, extreme sensitivity, and unwanted pain.

The good news is that when you have a cavity, you can take care of it by getting a filling at your local dentist. But do all cavities really require a filling to fix the problem? Depending on the location and severity of your cavity, an alternative method of treatment may be required instead of the traditional filling. So, what are your options? This article details a few of the options you have for taking care of your cavity problem so your mouth can get back to looking and feeling its best. Keep reading to find out more! Fluoride Treatments Fluoride treatments are perfect if you spot a small cavity that's just starting to grow. This treatment involves the dentist using fluoride to help restore the enamel in your tooth. Of course, this is a greater amount of fluoride than you'd find in your mouth rinse or toothpaste, which helps to strengthen the tooth enamel. Dental Crowns If your cavity is severe, a filling may not be enough to take care of all of the damage. If this is the case, you'll most likely need to have a dental crown put into place. Crowns are coverings that are customized to the shape of your tooth so they can replace your tooth's natural top surface. Your dentist will have to remove the decayed region of your tooth before adding the crown to protect your tooth. Root Canal Therapy This is an option reserved for badly damaged teeth. If the cavity has reached the inner workings of your tooth, you're going to need root canal therapy to handle the problem. Your dentist will remove the tooth’s damaged region and then place special medication into the damaged region to help combat the cavity. A filling will also be used to replace the removed pulp of your tooth.

Take Care of Your Cavities Today

At Northland Village Dental Centre in Calgary, our dentists can examine your teeth and cavities to offer the right treatment. Schedule an appointment today for a dental exam and avoid further pain or problems from your cavities.


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