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Complete Dentures Vs Partial Dentures - What You Need to Know

Dentures are removable artificial teeth and gums for missing teeth. Dentures help you restore your smile. Since patients have the option of getting partial dentures or complete ones, selecting one can be confusing. Count on Northland Village Dental Centre in helping you make a final decision.

We offer reliable dental care services for patients of all ages in Calgary. Our team of dentists is dedicated to providing you with the best care by listening to your needs and requirements. Have a look at the differences between partial dentures and complete dentures:


·   Partial Dentures 

Partial dentures are an excellent choice for patients who still have plenty of remaining healthy teeth. It would be a waste to dispose of the healthy ones that still can be used.


There is a different version of partial dentures called fixed bridges. These can be permanently attached to adjacent teeth. In regular partial dentures, an acrylic metal frame is used that claps onto the remaining teeth. This process is done for filling in the spaces with artificial denture teeth.


·   Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are ideal for patients who have all of their teeth removed. These can be customized for both upper and lower rows. If there are remaining teeth and if the patient wants to get them removed, a necessary tooth execration surgery is performed. An immediate placement denture should be done after the surgery.

Immediately after the cuts and wounds of the extraction operations are treated, the fixed denture is refitted to the healed gums. The adjustment is crucial for the jawbone and gum tissue after the extractions.


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Northland Village Dental Centre provides optimal dental care to every patient. Our team of dentists will also educate you on oral health. Let our team of dentists keep your teeth healthy.


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