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Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

woman with toothache in dentist's office

Did you know that around 4.15 million workdays are lost annually to dental problems in Canada?


Tooth sensitivity is a common complaint for people of all ages. From morning coffee to an ice-cold refreshment, the prospect of a chronic toothache can easily overshadow the simplest of tasks.


So what exactly is tooth sensitivity? If you struggle with sensitive teeth and want to bite, chew, and smile without discomfort, it is essential to know about the underlying causes of tooth sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth and are looking for ways to alleviate the pain, start by figuring out what is causing it. Here we compiled a list of causes and remedies of sensitive teeth. Read on to learn more.


What Is Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is an unpleasant dental condition that can affect your daily life. The pain or discomfort in your teeth is often caused by outside stimuli, like temperature changes. It can be either temporary or chronic and can affect one or more teeth. Tooth sensitivity is often caused by the wearing down of the tooth's enamel. Enamel constitutes an essential barrier between our teeth and irritating outside compounds.


Though it might be minor, tooth sensitivity is still a problem that should be taken seriously. If left untreated, tooth sensitivity can get worse over time.


Over Brushing

Of course, the cornerstone of dental health is toothbrushing, but did you know that brushing too often or vigorously can, in fact, lead to damage resulting in tooth sensitivity?


Over time, excessive or aggressive tooth brushing can cause degradation of the tooth's enamel. 

To avoid damage by over brushing, take time and care when brushing your teeth. As one of the leading tooth sensitivity causes, over brushing is as preventable as it is destructive.

Enact a measured and systematic tooth brushing routine to ensure the future health of your teeth.


Acidic Foods and Drinks

The things we eat and drink can have a huge impact on tooth sensitivity.

Acidic products such as orange juice, coffee, and tomatoes can all cause unnecessary dental pain. If sensitive teeth are becoming a problem for you, consider reducing or eliminating these foods from your diet. Healthy alternatives to acidic foods include seeds, nuts, and bananas.

Check out our guide to preventative dentistry to combat your dental problems before they become worse.


Poor Oral Hygiene

Alongside diet, poor dental hygiene can lead to compromised dental health.


An effective hygiene regimen, coupled with the correct use of products, will allow you to take personal control of your dental health.

If you're wondering about the causes of tooth sensitivity, look no further than your bathroom cabinet. For example, when used in excess, most fluoride-based mouthwashes and toothpaste can cause decay over time.

Only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste when brushing, and only use mouthwash when needed. You would be surprised at the potential sugar content in commercial mouthwash.


Tooth Sensitivity Explained

If you're experiencing tooth sensitivity, don't panic. It could be caused by one of a variety of factors that you can often address at home. You might have tooth decay or plaque buildup or have sensitive teeth for reasons you may not expect. However, if it's becoming an issue for you, our team of Calgary dentists can help you get back to enjoying your favourite food and drink in no time. 


Here at Northland Village Dental Centre, we offer comprehensive dental services in Calgary, so feel free to contact us for a consultation and improve your oral health today.




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